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Christmas Super Frog is a fun and entertaining classic arcade game
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Christmas Super Frog is a classic arcade game where you have to guide a small frog across a busy highway, full of cars and trucks, in order to pick up the Christmas gifts that Santa has lost. Your mission will be to collect these presents before Christmas arrives.

A small greenish frog wearing a Christmas cap will have to cross a busy highway. Cars, vans, tractors and trucks will be driving on it, and they won't stop just for a small frog, so your main objective will be to evade them in order to arrive safely to the other side. But the highway is not the only thing you will have to cross, a cold river is a part of the challenge too, and you will have to guide the frog through the stones, avoiding to collide with the Christmas objects floating in the river.

Every time you pick up a new Christmas gift, more cars and more Christmas objects will appear, and the speed of the game will be increased.

This game has simple and poor graphics, and the background music can become annoying after a while, but you can deactivate it in the options window.

In version 2.0, probably the best improvement is that if a programming malfunction is encountered, you will have the option to continue running the game instead of quiting the program. In addition, other minor bugs have been fixed, for instance, the documentation access has been restored.

To sum up, this is a pastime game that could be fun specially for small kids.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Easy to play
  • Challenging


  • Weak graphics
  • No game guide
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